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The Best Grease For Your Snow Blower

Lubricating your snow blower can be a chore. Just what are you supposed to use? We’ve got you covered, with our expert recommendations.

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Look In The Owners Manual

We say this a lot here, but your owners manual really does have a lot of good recommendations. From the right kind of oil to use, to how to maintain and get the most from your Snow Blower; your owners manual should be the first place to look for recommendations for anything lubrication related. If not, look around for grease fittings on your snow blower, such as the auger shave and drive train. Some Snow Blower’s have entirely sealed fittings, and are not designed to be externally lubricated.

Not all grease is the same

People often don’t think too much about grease. They know to use the “red grease” or “black grease” but beyond the color, not a whole lot else. Grease is an oil combined with a thickener, known as a metallic “soap”. Not to be confused with the soap in the shower, these instead are made of metal salts and fatty acids, not something you’d want to wash your skin with. Along with a thickener, greases often need to work under tough conditions, and often contain large amounts of anti-wear additives, as well as solid lubricants like Molybdenum Disulfide. This is a key component of the “black” greases often used in extreme applications. Grease also needs to maintain it’s flowing characteristics in extremely low and high temperatures. Inferior greases can lose these characteristics when you need them most, causing equipment wear and leaving you out in the cold.

Our Recommendation

If there is one thing our experts agree on, we all have come to like Super Lube PTFE Grease with Syncolon. It’s a clear grease that not only is low mess, but is excellent in low temperatures. Super Lube’s synthetic base as well as added PTFE for increased film strength greatly reduces wear, and a low temperature rating of -45F means smooth bearings and shafts even in extreme cold. The manufacturer data sheet for this grease put it equal to, and usually above not only cheap store brands, but name brands as well. Super Lube grease is also compatible with the most common OEM types of grease in use today, meaning less worry and more reliability.

Super Lube may have a funny name, but it’s performance is no joke. You can get it on through the link below, or directly from the manufacturer. It’s highly ranked for good reason, and you won’t be disappointed. The Synco Corporation manufactures many other quality products as well, check ’em out.

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